What LowCarbable Does & Doesn’t Do

What LowCarbable Does:

  • Document what I eat every day
  • Track my weight loss by percentages
  • Share the ups and downs of what I hope will be my permanent weight loss journey
  • Inspire others to eat less carbs and/or start their own weight loss journey (this is the goal at least!)
  • Share low carb recipes that I think are delicious
  • Share information that I’ve found to be helpful regarding weight loss and eating


What LowCarbable Doesn’t Do:

  • Follow one particular diet – what I eat is a mashup of several different low carb diets out there that I think will work best for me.
  • List my actual weight or specific pounds of weight loss. I’m just not comfortable hanging it all out there.
  • Provide medical information – I am not a medical professional so if you choose to try out anything that I am doing, please do so with the blessing of a medical professional.


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