May 16, 2015 + Belated Weekly Weight Check-in


Notes: Saturday was another off day for me as I went to an auction at night and had such a good time I got home late and forgot to post. Not to mention I’d already forgotten to do the weekly weight check-in on Friday. I was proud of myself though for resisting the bread, rice, cookies, and cupcakes at the auction dinner – unfortunately I have no pictures to speak of.  I blame the wine.

Weekly Weight Check-In: My weight loss is slowing, but I’m still losing. I’m down 5.5% from my starting weight. I think the slowing has to do with the sugar I’m consuming, particularly in the evenings. I need to switch out my banana with chocolate chips to just a couple squares of darker chocolate.

Breakfast: Two egg muffins plus an Oprah Chai brewed tea with a Truvia packet and a splash of half and half

Snack: A couple slices of apple with some peanut butter on top (this was left over from my kids’ snack)

Lunch: Leftover cauliflower crust pizza (I didn’t finish all that was on my plate)

Dinner (at the auction): Small salad with berries, one halibut fillet, a thin slice of prime rib, and roasted asparagus, plus roughly two  and a half glasses of red wine (all not pictured)

Dessert (at the auction): One small serving of raspberry mousse with shaved white chocolate on top (not pictured)

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