July 12, 2015


Notes: As today was the day to travel back home and since it ended up being quite long, I again failed on the picture front. I did try to stick more to my prior way of eating to get back on track a bit, but it was difficult given some of the sweets I had leftover and that I was stuck in a car for 7 hours in some more remote areas. I did the best I could and tomorrow it’s back on the horse.

Breakfast: Two eggs, four sausages, and a handful of cherries, plus maybe half a cup of chicken salad with grapes and cashews (all not pictured)

Snack 1: Several pieces of pecan brittle and a package of roasted seaweed (all not pictured)

Lunch: A hot dog with mustard and no bun (all not pictured)

Dinner: Ground beef seasoned with Flavor God Garlic Lovers seasoning and some zucchini sautéed in ghee with salt and pepper

Snack 2: Several pieces of almond crunch with chocolate

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